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Migraines/ Headaches

Can NIS help Anxiety/ Depression?

The answer to this is YES. However it is important to note that with NIS we do not involve the mind. The NIS system will address the reasons WHY a patient needs to take anti-depressants or similar in the first place. With NIS your practitioner will investigate WHY the body is not coping and address…

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Migraines/ Depression

Patient: 60 year old Female Complaint: Migraines lasting for 3+ days at a time. Come every two weeks completely debilitating her. Depression, caused by difficulties to handle working environment and work pressure. Medical Diagnosis: G.P prescribed Antidepressants by Psychiatrist. NIS Treatment Findings: Pain level prior to treatment 9.5. Following treatment pain level 1 and prior…

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Chronic Fatigue & Migraines

Patient: Male 57 years Complaint: All over body pain, ‘brain fog”, joint stiffness, digestive distress, lack of motivation, heart burn, acid reflux. Medical Diagnosis: Hepatitis C, parasites, fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue, adrenal exhaustion, high cholesterol, chronic fatigue. Summary: Great increase in energy, ability to think clearly for the first time in years, no more acid reflux or…

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