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Testimonial – Electro-Sensitivity

I have been treating a lady who had been suffering from electro-sensitivity for several years and was steadily getting worse. She was unable to even be on the phone for any length of time and did not often leave her house. It was her friend that rang me on her behalf to see if I…

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Testimonial – Overweight Diabetic

I just wanted to pass along some exciting news I had with a patient this week. Last Saturday I worked on patient that had numerous problems with her health. She is overweight, diabetic and has extreme swelling in legs and feet. I did the entire system on her on Saturday and then I saw her…

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Testimonial – Depression

Can the NIS system help Anxiety/ Depression? The answer to this is YES. However it is important to note that with NIS we do not involve the mind. The NIS system will address the reasons WHY a patient needs to take anti-depressants or similar in the first place. With NIS your practitioner will investigate WHY…

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Testimonial – Cerebellum Integration & NIS

“Hi Kathryn, I have an incredible story to share.  It pertains to the new cerebellar integration protocol. Two nights ago, I was at my son’s baseball practice.  He is on a team that has sweet kids, but, they can’t hit, catch or throw to save them. The coach’s son was practicing his batting.  He is probably…

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Testimonial – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

I wanted to quickly send you an e-mail to say how much I enjoyed the Part 1 Seminar this past weekend.  I’ve returned to the practice & already in the first couple of days have had immediate and profound results. A 72 year old woman who was diagnosed with having carpal tunnel syndrome and advised…

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Testimonial – Back Pain

Dear Dr Phillips, I came to see you earlier in the week for the second time regarding a long standing lower back issue, caused as a result of school boy rugby some 20 years ago. I had learnt to live with the continuous pain and it had become part of my life, even though exercise…

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Testimonial – Allergies

I have suffered from allergies all my life. I would typically sneeze immediately after eating something I was allergic to. In my twenties I started getting severe headaches from foods. In my thirties I figured out what I was allergic to and simply tried to avoid those foods. This is how I have lived for…

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