NEUROLINK is a committed leader in researching and applying the principles of neuroscience to address WHY a patient’s neurophysiological function is causing their symptoms of ill-health in the first place. This approach is offering new hope to health complaints that have long been considered ‘hopeless’.

Our Philosophy

Neurolink's® philosophy is rooted in the neurophysiological principle that the brain governs optimum function of all the bodys’ systems. Unless the neurology (brain) is communicating appropriately with the physiology (body) a patient will never have complete wellness or recovery. Despite claims to the contrary, traditional healthcare management is still not addressing cause.


Neurolink® as the name suggests was originally the term given to the treatment concept that if the brain could be ’re-linked’ to the body (physiology) homeostasis would be restored. Since then much has evolved and the Neurolink® Clinic opened in 2002 as the home for the ongoing research of its Neurological Integration System (NIS) of treatment.

The Neurolink Clinic represents an unparalleled approach to complete healthcare management and is the research hub for NIS research, and it is from here that an international training program operates, teaching NIS to practitioners globally.

Types of Care

Standard Care: Available from practitioners trained in the NIS system globally.

This covers the fundamental but very key treatment protocols that are taught in our Practitioner Training Program and practiced by NIS Practitioners in their own private practices.

Specialist Care: Only available at the Neurolink Clinic.

In order to fully resolve many complaints there are deeper, more specific issues of physiological dysfunction that need to be addressed. These issues are addressed at the Clinic with treatment protocols not taught or covered within the standard NIS Practitioner Training Program. Sometimes we associate complex and specific needs only with labeled complaints that are widely accepted as complex eg: Motor Neuron Disease. That is not always the case. There are many people with long-standing headaches or allergies that will not fully resolve until some of the issues considered by us at the Neurolink Clinic are addressed.

Clinical Care: Only available at the Neurolink Clinic.

At the Neurolink Clinic we are conducting ongoing clinical research covering 2 broad areas of health:

  • Immune-related deficiencies at cellular level (includes cancers and leukemia’s)
  • Neurological diseases

Patients falling into these categories usually require a treatment program that is more frequent and intense in its clinical care. The measuring of physiological change in these cases is key. Standard medical benchmarks of evaluation – primarily diagnostic laboratory testing and imaging are used pre and post-treatment to evaluate progress and change through Neurolink's® NIS treatment.

The Neurolink Clinic has been established to assist you in achieving both your short and long term healthcare needs.  We would welcome the opportunity to care for your health and that of your family. Call our friendly team to discuss how this approach can benefit you and your family.  09 522 2277.