Introducing NIS Foundation Seminar......NEW for 2020!

Why doctors are choosing NIS.

"As a passionate student of health and fitness, I have researched and experienced healthcare systems for the previous decade. NIS is by far the most complete, non-invasive and completely natural healthcare system that I know. As a patient of NIS, I have experienced full recoveries from trauma ranging from long standing physical injuries to viral infections to current strife. Now that I have completed the practitioner training and experienced Dr. Phillips and his work first hand, I understand why NIS is ahead of other systems. Dr. Phillips' dedication to his patients, his understanding of the brain and his respect for individuals and the human body is on a pioneering level not normally witnessed. My journey with NIS has been a great pleasure and continues to inspire me and my patients every day".

Tim Adamson NIS Practitioner, 2019 verified

"Practicing without NIS would be like practicing with one and a half arms tied behind my back. I like using all the tools available to help my patients". 

Dr Dale S Porter, 2019 verified.

NIS has been a foundational piece in how I serve my patients. It truly enhances and improves every aspect of an individuals life as it focuses on allowing the innate intelligence within all of us to thrive and function at a higher level. I am grateful to have discovered NIS three years ago.
Dr Jeffrey Knight D.C, 2019 verified

For the first time we are combining both introductory modules A and B into our NIS Foundation Seminar 2020.

This will be be a super intensive extended 3 day weekend seminar that incorporates ALL foundational teaching material in one SUPER intensive weekend of learning!


We are SUPER excited to be able to introduce you to the foundation of NIS in one convenient 3 day weekend in Melbourne June 5/6/7.


This "powerhouse" seminar format will allow you to learn all the essential foundational NIS protocols that are returning optimal health to so many patients. You will be lead through new and proven protocols including hands on practical teaching that will ensure you receive the most comprehensive learning experience from this weekend.


NIS Trainers Dr Bianca Dobson (Chiropractor)  and Dr Adrian Hubbard (Osteopath) are experienced NIS practitioners, trained to the highest level by Dr Phillips and will equip you with the best functional neurological tools available on the planet!

This new structure will allow busy practitioners the opportunity to acquire the skills and begin implementing NIS right away without having to invest more time in another learning session.


Join with hundreds of healthcare practitioners using NIS to achieve amazing health results with their patients!


Only one NIS foundation available in Australia in 2020 and space is limited. This seminar will reach capacity, so please don't delay your registration.

We look forward to seeing you in Melbourne!

NIS Foundation 2020 - What's COMING your way!

Considering core NIS components employed on a daily basis with EVERY PATIENT.

Pathological, structural, neurological and glandular based tools, enable assessment and correction with a wide range of complaints. Using the art of muscle testing to reveal cellular signalling faults that have caused longstanding impediments to ones health.

Advanced foundational protocols, to access deeper and more complex issues that have contributed to many chronic complaints. These include cranial nerves, hormones, cardiovascular, optical dysfunctions, and glandular typing, to name a few.

Why would you be interested in NIS? 

There are so many awesome technique seminars out there right?! ...well, we are NOT one of them! ...never have been and never will. NIS is NOT a technique-based seminar course. NIS is a complete system of healthcare focused on clinical optimisation of the central nervous system (CNS).


Is this Seminar for me?

1. If you are a practitioner who accepts that neurological control is central to your patients wellbeing, yet your chosen clinical "tool bag" represents an arsenal of the best musculoskeletal techniques aimed at everything BUT THAT, then........ 👉 this course is for you.


2. Day after day, patient after patient, you "PUSH and POKE, RUB and HOPE" applying the same clinical "recipes" across your entire patient list, hoping for an outcome equivalent or better than the effort you have put in.....👉 this course is for you.


3. If like many manual therapists, you were taught to believe that a patients "structure governs function" while never appreciating the higher priority... that "function governs structure", then.......👉 this course is for you.


4. If you believe that repetitive manual manipulation and mobilisation of tissue will eventually lead to an optimal outcome.... without addressing the higher levels of central nervous system control...... 👉 this course is definitely for you!


5. Take a fresh look at the holy grail - "the priority of treatment" - start now by taking NIS Foundation, coming to Melbourne June 5/6/7 2020.

NIS Seminars are leaders in the teaching of functional neurology for clinicians. For more information visit us online 👉

Meet your NIS Foundation 2020 Team


Dr Allan Phillips D.O - NIS Founder

NIS Foundation 2020 - Guest Speaker

Dr Bianca Dobson D.C

NIS Foundation 2020 - NIS Trainer

Dr Adrian Hubbard (Osteopath)

NIS Foundation 2020 - NIS Trainer

Seminar Details:


Venue: IBIS Melbourne Hotel & Apartments

TEL: +61 3 9666 0000

Hotel Website:



Seminar & Dates:

*** UPDATED - Postponed due to COVID -19***


Seminar Pricing: $1950 NZD Early registration


Seminar Start Times:

Day 1:  

Registration check in - 8:00 am

Seminar Start: 8:30 am - 5 pm


Day 2: 

Seminar: 8:30 am - 5 pm


Day 3: 

Seminar: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Seminar concludes 4:30 pm


Take me to hotel link & directions to seminar venue

NIS Foundation 2020 - NIS Trainer

Practitioners learn NIS in 2023

Learn this cutting edge approach to healthcare that is greatly enhancing the health of individuals worldwide.

  • Expand the scope of your practice
  • Reverse chronic health patterns by accessing the aetiological factors
  • Positive and unexpected results
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