Australian Seminars 2018


Seminar Schedule 2018


Module A      Melbourne, VIC       May 19/20
Module B      Melbourne, VIC       Aug 25/26

Masters         Gold Coast, QLD      Oct 26/28


Weekend 1

Module A  
Considering core NIS components employed on a daily basis with EVERY PATIENT. Pathological, structural, neurological and glandular based tools, enable assessment and correction with a wide range of complaints. Using the art of muscle testing to reveal cellular signaling faults that have caused longstanding impediments to ones health.

Weekend 2

Module B:
Extensions of Module A protocols, to assess deeper and more complex issues that have contributed to many chronic complaints. These include cranial nerves, hormones, cardiovascular, optical dysfunctions, and glandular typing, to name a few.


Learning the complete NIS system takes 2 weekends (4 days).  Each weekend is 14 hours of theory and practical.   First time attendees must sign up for Module A and B seminar Combo



Beyond Modules A & B

NIS Masters

Your opportunity to learn new protocols & latest research direct from Dr Phillips, the developer of Neurolink’s NIS. Masters develops and extends upon Module A & B content.  Masters looks at...

  • Why some everyday complaints won't resolve easily
  • Complex complaints that you have been wanting to address
  • New protocols to enlarge your practice

NIS Seminars Australia

NIS Seminars Australia (2)