Germany Seminars 2018


Seminar Schedule 2018


Module A      Munich       CLOSED

Module B      Munich       CLOSED

MASTERS      Munich       Sept  7 - 9

Munich (3)

Weekend 1 - April 21-22


Module A is presented in the German language by Dr Torsten (NIS Head Trainer -Germany)
Considering core NIS components employed on a daily basis with EVERY PATIENT. Pathological, structural, neurological and glandular based tools, enable assessment and correction with a wide range of complaints. Using the art of muscle testing to reveal cellular signaling faults that have caused longstanding impediments to ones health.


Weekend 2 - June 16-17


Module B is presented in the German language by Dr Torsten (NIS Head Trainer -Germany)
Extensions of Module A protocols, to assess deeper and more complex issues that have contributed to many chronic complaints. These include cranial nerves, hormones, cardiovascular, optical dysfunctions, and glandular typing, to name a few.

Learning the complete NIS system takes 2 weekends (4 days).  Each weekend is 14 hours of theory and practical.   First time attendees must sign up for Module A and B seminar Combo

Who can learn NIS (Modules A and B)

All NIS seminars are designed to be post-graduate. It is essential that all practitioners wishing to attend possess a comprehensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and neuro-anatomy prior to attending. NIS Seminars are predominantly attended by (but not limited to): Medical specialists/doctors, chiropractors, osteopathic physicians, physical therapists/physiotherapists, registered nurses, dentists, veterinarians, occupational, TCM  & naturopathic physicians.

Pre-requisites to attend are as follows:

  1. QUALIFICATIONS: MINIMUM of a Bachelors Degree in one of the health/clinical sciences &/ or Bachelors Degree Psychology.
  2. LICENSE: Must be licensed for independent practice by a national or state registration. Psychologists will need to supply their registration number.

These pre-requisites are the minimum criteria. Participants may be asked for additional proof of their qualifications and license at time of registration. If you are unsure whether you meet the criteria above please contact us BEFORE you register for a seminar.

Beyond Modules A & B....


September 7 - 9

Registration is NOW OPEN for NIS Masters in Munich Germany 2018

>>> VIEW OUTLINE of NEW RESEARCH coming to Munich >>>

What doctors are saying about recent NIS Masters....

Munich (6)



Venue and Accomodation:

Location: Munich Airport Marriott Hotel

Website: Munich Airport Marriott Hotel Website URL

CLICK HERE to book accommodation as an NIS Masters Attendee


More About NIS Masters

Your opportunity to learn new protocols & latest research direct from Dr Phillips, the developer of Neurolink’s NIS. Masters develops and extends upon Module A & B content.  Masters looks at...

  • Why some everyday complaints won't resolve easily
  • Complex complaints that you have been wanting to address
  • New protocols to enlarge your practice
  • View 2018 NIS Masters outline here

Who can attend NIS Masters

Presented by Dr Allan Phillips, the annual NIS Masters program is open to practitioners who have learnt the NIS system AND are ACTIVE members of the NIS Academy.

NIS Masters

Taking the NIS system beyond Modules A & B the Masters is conducted by the developer of NIS, Dr Allan Phillips, and incorporates his latest clinical research from over the last 12 months.

The NIS Masters seminar is packaged into a practical and enlightening format summarising the vision and future developments of NIS.


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