What is NIS?

NIS uses latest CELLULAR research to address CAUSES not symptoms. ONLY by addressing health at CELL LEVEL can optimum sustainability be achieved.

Developed by Dr Allan K Phillips D.O., this cutting edge approach is used in clinics and practices globally.


Neuroplasticity explains how our most complex organ is capable of changing throughout our lives & is the basis of how NIS works. This animation demonstrates how we all have the ability to change by 'rewiring' our brains.

NIS is all about improving how the nervous system works, controlled by the brain, the master controller of every function in your body. Your health, your wellbeing, your pain, your immune system, your emotions; they are all mediated through your nervous system. How well you feel, how well you are, both begin and end with how well this complex system is coping and whether your brain is in full control.

The Neurological Integration System (NIS) bases its treatment method on the scientific principle that the brain governs ‘optimum function’ of all the body’s systems.  As long as the neurology (brain) is communicating appropriately with the physiology (body), we should be operating at ‘optimum function’.

As we go about our daily lives we are exposed to different types of stresses. Stresses can be Physical/ Pathological/ Neurological/ Emotional. For the most part our bodies are designed to handle these. Example 1.

But from time to time these stresses can push you past your usual ‘tolerance’ level – causing the signal between brain and body to become disconnected.  And because the signal is not getting through, your brain no longer has complete control of that particular area of your physiology (body).

When an area of physiology is no longer under the control of the brain, it will stop functioning to its optimum and you then begin to experience symptom/s. (There are over 600,000 possible symptoms that the body is capable of!).  Symptoms are your body's way of saying that things are not working as they should be or to ‘optimum function’. Example 2

The NIS system uses latest scientific research to ‘tap’ into the intelligence of your brain to identify which signals are not getting though. By restoring these connections, your physiology (body) will come back under the control of your neurology (brain).

When this happens the effected areas of your body are able to be returned to optimum potential. And so the symptom/s you are experiencing will in turn resolve.

"I was sceptical at first but through NIS and Dr Matthew Rabin I have been able to find the small problems that machines and western science couldn't find out. It has enabled me to prepare better for the tour de France and make my life easier as a whole. I am ever grateful that I stumbled upon NIS and will continue to use it while I prepare for big events and throughout my life."
Christian Vande Velde, Tour de France Cyclist