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Allan K Phillips

Allan K Phillips
Title: Dr
Practitioners Name: Allan K Phillips
Membership Level:
Most Recent NIS Masters Certification : 2019 NIS MASTERS
Practice Name: Neurolink Clinic
NIS Certified Nutrition Provider: Fully Certified Nutritional Provider
Profession: Osteopath D.O.
Qualifications: D.O. MNZRO, MICAK (USA), MCrOA (UK), Osteopathic Physician

Dr Phillips served as an Osteopathic Physician and health consultant to the Pacific Region for World Health and is the founder of Neurolink and the developer of Neurological Integration System (NIS).

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Neurolink is a committed leader in investigating and applying the principles of neuroscience to address WHY a patient’s neurophysiological function has caused the symptoms of ill health/ pain.

Dr Phillips, a retired Osteopath, continues his research and practice from the Neurolink Centre in Auckland, New Zealand.  He teaches the NIS system to practitioners globally through the NIS Seminar Program.

NIS Seminar education history: NIS Trainer, Masters 2016, Masters 2017, Masters 2018, Masters 2019
P: +649 522 2277
ADDRESS: 126a Remuera Road
ZIP CODE: 1050
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