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Debra Hawley

Debra Hawley
Title: Mrs
Practitioners Name: Debra Hawley
Membership Level:
Most Recent NIS Masters Certification : 2019 NIS MASTER Australia
Practice Name: NIS Solely
NIS Certified Nutrition Provider: No
Profession: NIS Practitioner
Qualifications: NIS Proficient

I have been a patient of Dr Phillips for over 30 years and have understood this system from the time he started to introduce it into his Practice. 9 years ago (2000) I was encouraged to join a Seminar and I have practiced ever since. My main reason for practicing NIS is not to only keep my own family as well “naturally” as I can, but to also help others to regain their daily energy and to function better in their own lives.

NIS Seminar education history: Masters 2017, Masters 2018, Masters 2019
P: 0064 21 273 5188
ADDRESS: P O Box 418
ZIP CODE: 2340
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