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Julian Jones

Julian Jones
Title: Mr
Practitioners Name: Julian Jones
Membership Level:
Most Recent NIS Masters Certification : 2019 NIS MASTER Australia
Practice Name: Julian Jones
NIS Certified Nutrition Provider: Oxygen Nutrition
Profession: Osteopathy
Qualifications: D.O.

Philosophical Principles regarding the journey of life on planet Earth. Suggested purposes in order to fulfil our obligations to change:- eg Servants, Caretakers, Nurturers, Facilitaors or Mentors. Essential ritualistic processes necessary to fulfil the above purposes; Identification, Recognition, Evaluation, Interpretation, Intention, Initiation, Enhancement, Appreciation, Acknowledgement and Acceptance. Our Perception influences all the above.

NIS Seminar education history: Masters 2017
P: 06 837 8838 or 027 3314171
ADDRESS: 45 Papanui Road
ZIP CODE: 4165
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