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NIS Directory

The NIS Academy is a global body of practitioners committed to offering specialist healthcare to patients, utilising the NIS system, developed by Neurolink® & taught globally through the NIS Seminar Program. 

The directory lists all active members of the NIS Academy.

The Directory lists all active members of the NIS Academy worldwide.  Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, USA, UK, Netherlands and more.

Practitioners interested in joining the Academy to be included in this listing learn more here.

Are you a patient with more questions? Check out the Patient FAQ’s.

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Membership Levels Definitions

Choosing an NIS practitioner

If you are unsuccessful in locating a practitioner in your area that simply means there may be practitioners using NIS in your area, but they have not yet joined the NIS Academy.

Make contact first

We suggest you make contact with the respective practitioner first to discuss your case. Some practitioners may use NIS in practice alongside other modalities, so it’s important to ask specifically for NIS as best results are achieved when used independently.

Making an appointment

NIS practitioners work in accordance to their own practice structure. They have attended our training seminars, and learnt NIS with us. Throughout our training program we offer suggestions on how to best integrate NIS into practice in order to produce the best results possible. But Neurolink does not get involved in how practitioners operate their practice, or what they charge for a treatment. This is up always up to the individual practitioner.

The Neurolink Clinic

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, the Neurolink Clinic is the research hub for the Neurological Integration System. At the Neurolink Clinic our practitioners work with the latest NIS research developments.

Disclaimer: Neurolink® is a post-graduate training provider of its methods. Neurolink® does not have a formal partnership agreement with any of the listed NIS practitioners. Neurolink® has no governance over the professional code of ethics &/ or conduct of any practitioners who participate in its programs, & therefore can not accept responsibility for the professional misconduct of any practitioner.

Practitioners learn NIS in 2019

Learn this cutting edge approach to healthcare that is greatly enhancing the health of individuals worldwide.

  • Expand the scope of your practice
  • Reverse chronic health patterns by accessing the aetiological factors
  • Positive and unexpected results
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