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Paul Holman

Paul Holman
Title: Dr
Practitioners Name: Paul Holman
Membership Level:
Most Recent NIS Masters Certification : 2019 NIS MASTER Canada
Practice Name: Paul Holman
NIS Certified Nutrition Provider: No
Profession: Chiropractor D.C.
Qualifications: I have enjoyed providing Natural Primary Health Care for 30 years. The Amazing NIS System has been my passion since I was introduced to it 19 years ago.

This powerful yet gentle system has produced the most amazing health benefits for patients. It is always a pleasure to see the body respond positively with healing and health as the communication pathways between our brains and the systems of the body are restored. The passion for sharing the amazing health-renewing benefits available through the NIS system continues to grow stronger as we see huge advances each and every year.
There are many links on this website that share a glimpse of the benefits that NIS has to offer. NIS has the potential to impact ALL of our lives in tremendous ways.
At this time I am not available for treating the public. When that changes I will share the news on this site.
May you all be blessed with Health, Happiness and Peace.

NIS Seminar education history: Masters 2017, Masters 2018
P: 509 365 9593
ADDRESS: 308 E. Washington St. #626 Lyle, WA 98635
ZIP CODE: 98635
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