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Scott White

Scott White
Title: Dr
Practitioners Name: Scott White
Membership Level:
Most Recent NIS Masters Certification : 2019 NIS MASTERS Germany
Practice Name: White Chiropractic Centre
NIS Certified Nutrition Provider: No
Profession: Chiropractor D.C.
Qualifications: Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr White is a 1981 graduate of “The Fountainhead,” Palmer College of Chiropractic, He has 30 years of experience as a clinical practitioner. He has addressed audiences around the world and participated in ground breaking clinical research. HIs facility, Ballymoney Wellness Centre has been created on the foundations of Chiropractic Philosophy discovered by DD Palmer in Davenport Iowa. Palmer in 1895 described that interference to master system of the body, (the nerve system,) alters and impairs function of the body causing Pain, Sickness and Dis-Ease. Our body is a self healing, self regulating and self maintaining system IF there is no interference to that nerve system. Ballymoney Wellness Centre is a place where lives change, vitality is restored and maximum efficient performance regarding health and wellness can be pursued. We adhere to the Palmer Standards in Philosophy, Tenets and Principles. Health is defined as, “OPTIMAL PHYSICAL, MENTAL AND SOCIAL WELL BEING NOT MERELY THE ABSENCE OF DIS-EASE OR INFIRMITY.” The Neurological Integration Systems, (NIS,) set of protocols are used as the primary focus of care used to address the interference of the nerve system and the results can be astounding to the Quality of Your LIFE!

P: 44 (0) 282 766 6667
ADDRESS: 51a Queen Street
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