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Dr Allan K. Phillips D.O. and health consultant to the Pacific Region for World Health is the founder of the Neurolink® Centre and is the researcher behind the Neurological Integration System (NIS).

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Neurolink is a committed leader in investigating and applying the principals of neuroscience to address WHY a patient's neurophysiological function has caused the symptoms of ill health in the first place.

Research at the NEUROLINK® Centre

Dr Allan Phillips
Dr Phillips role at the Neurolink Centre is to head up the ‘research arm’ for Neurolink, and continue the advancement of NIS. Current research focus is the enteric nervous system and its role in manufacturing and utilising essential proteins. All cell functions have a protein dependency involving virtually all cells.



Some of these proteins relate to the production of:

  • Antibodies for immune defence
  • Contractile proteins for movement
  • Enzymes to initiate chemical reactions
  • Storage of proteins to store amino acids

Evidenced based laboratory results using the NIS protocols indicate positive changes in the enteric system are occurring as a result of appropriate neurological signalling. While in the earliest phase of investigative testing, the results are extremely promising. Disruption to protein evolvement is the etiology causing a myriad of symptoms ranging from eczema to asthma, including irregular cell function in general.

Researching and formulating an NIS protocol

Each treatment protocol screen and correction must be able to be replicated with every patient. In order to do this a huge amount of clinical research must take place before a treatment protocol is integrated and taught as part of the NIS system.  For one protocol this could mean 12-18 months. Various methods to validate protocols, these include:

  • Standard laboratory testing
  • Spirometry testing for respiratory potentials
  • Heart rhythm scanning for sympathetic/ parasympathetic evaluation
  • X-Ray/ ultrasound and MRI

Further studies are currently being formulated in conjunction with NIS medical doctors in Germany.

NIS Research Studies

In Auckland, New Zealand, Dr Phillips is currently engaged in some formal studies that have not yet concluded.

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  • Reverse chronic health patterns by accessing the aetiological factors
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