NIS Seminar Testimonials

Find out what other practitioners are saying about Neurolink's® global NIS Seminar Program. 

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Over the years I have done many many seminars like most chiropractors and I found NIS to be very interesting, very well taught and most importantly very easy to implement back to practice. Dr Nick Wood, Chiropractor, Australia

It was a great weekend. I'm really enjoying incorporating the new protocols in and looking forward to the feedback from clients. Looking forward to August. Wendy Carpenter, Australia

"Thank you! It was a wonderful seminar with a super instructor." Andrew Hyun, Chiropractor, USA

"Dr Dave Auten did a fabulous job! I love that he encourages questions so we have a good understanding, but still keeps us on track & time. Great sense of humour, he keeps the seminar fun." Kelli Taylor, Registered Acupuncturist, Canada

"Thank you for running such an amazing Masters course in San Fran. I found it inspirational and of course all the new protocols are amazing. I have been working more and more with them and trying to introduce NIS into all my treatments." Dr Anthony Hilkemeijer, Osteopath, Australia

"I'm finding the new protocols to be quicker to perform than the Module A + B protocols and extremely effective. I'm particularly surprised about the number of asymptomatic maintenance patients who show positive for new cranial protocols. I use all the protocols in a sequential system, mainly treating musculoskeletal complaints. I'll definitely be at the next Masters program!" Dr Sean Eastwood, Chiropractor

"Thank you for all of your research. This is the way of the future." Jackie Kilburn, Occupational Therapist, USA

"I thought the protocols we got were fantastic. I have been so busy since I got back so have used almost every protocol. I use the left right brain automation most as I work with a lot of dyslexic children. I also seem to have been visited by a lot of people with Chronic Fatigue and they are really benefiting from the work. My whole practice has changed since San Francisco. I find that it is much quicker to get through all the protocols in one session as well. Masters next year? If the level of information is as good as this year's, I'd love to know more." Carol McCracken, Therapist, New Zealand

"I have noticed that some of the tougher issues that were not completely resolved with the older protocols are being addressed now. I would love to come to the masters next year and am hoping it is somewhere hot and not on the other side of the world." Carla Wiseman, Dr of Oriental Medicine, Canada

"After being in practice for many years, and having a long history of chronic health problems myself, I thought I'd seen it all when it comes to treating difficult and chronic health conditions. NIS has proven me wrong indeed, and given me hope that not only can I do so much more for my patients, but I can also look forward to a more positive future for my own health as well."  Dr Cheryl Weymouth, Chiropractor, Australia

"Dear Dr Phillips. Just a short note of appreciation for the Symposium. I found it to be well worth the cost, time and mileage. I felt privileged to be appreciated with such open hearts into a group who’s main interest seems to be to find a better way to help patients. And not an ego in sight! What serendipity to catch up on people and things from so long in the past. The Palm Cove experience has given me the impetus to pursue matters NIS. It is of immense interest to me that Dr Phillips attention seems to be in the direction of the enteric nervous system. I have had thoughts in this direction for some time, although on clinical observations rather than Dr Phillips much deeper neurological analysis. I am impatient for more information and quicker results." Dr Brian Gwilliam, Chiropractor, United Kingdom

"Dear Dr Phillips, I’d like to thank you and your team for the dedication and plain hard work that I know goes into all of the research and teaching, it doesn’t go unappreciated! Thanks for bringing forward into the protocols the research that has been presented at previous Masters Seminars, it was time to update and move forward." Dr Karl Weber, Chiropractor, Australia

"I would like to express my satisfaction with using NIS. The procedures are easy to learn and mastered with relatively little practice, and provide impressive results with patients. Allowing the brain to determine the body's healing is not only impressive, but what true healing is all about. This is truly the healing method of the future. The NI System provides a powerful step towards restoring health and have the ability to achieve results effortlessly that are not readily achieved by either standard allopathic or alternative techniques." Dr K Bodrero, Osteopath & Ph.D. USA

"Dr. Phillips has influenced my life, in every sector, more positively than any other individual in the past 20 years. I am humbled and filled with gratitude to have had the privilege to work with him professionally and to know him personally. This association is a Gift of the highest order." Dr Jan Ellison, Dr Oriental Medicine, USA

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for your passion and acknowledge all your past and current dedication & research leading to their remarkable tool which is NIS, providing answers and help to patients that have been `dumped’ and/or mislead by the orthodox medical system." Didier Fouquet, Therapist, Australia

"Hello Dr Phillips, We had a dream...and we did it! And we did it at such a wonderful and real powerful place like the Hawaiian Islands. Thank you a thousand times. I’m really happy about this efficient and great new tool of Masters knowledge. Some of the first thanks also from my patients, I had use the new techniques this week. See you again next year." Dr Michael Kraus, Medical Doctor, Germany

"Dear Dr Phillips, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing work you presented at the Masters. I have been using the new NIS scans with my clients and the results are very speed and incredibly effective. This is the most powerful healing toll I have seen and one of the lost effective ways of treating autoimmune problems rapidly. Many clients make slow, steady progress, but the new NIS scans are allowing them to male quantum leaps. You and your work are such a gift to the world." Beth Daniel. USA

"I have found refreshing at a Module A seminar this year really helped me. After using NIS for a while it is easy to forget the basics, which are the key to the success of the whole program." P Peterson, Registered Nurse. MI, USA

"It is very exciting to work with the new Module A protocols. And the new manual is very good!" Brynhild Sande, Physical Therapist. Norway

"I've started to incorporate Module A already and it is wonderful. I look forward to the seminar in Los Angeles." Dr Ed Chicoine, Chiropractor. Canada

"I very much enjoyed the seminar this weekend and can’t wait to continue on with my NIS training." Dr. Cynthia Schade, Chiropractor. USA

"Since being introduced to Neurolink's Neurological Integration System (NIS) in 2005, I am constantly impressed with the results that patients achieve. Even after returning home from the very first Part 1 seminar, on the Sunday evening I went to visit an elderly relative who’d suffered a stroke on the Friday. He had the whole right side of his face dropped with weakness & dribbling. I treated only his cortical integration & within 30 minutes we all watched while his face returned to normal!" Dr. A Hubbard, Osteopath. Australia

"Thanks for sharing this amazing system!" Dr. D Coffman, Chiropractor. USA

"I wanted to quickly send you an e-mail to say how much I enjoyed the Part 1 Seminar this past weekend. I've returned to the practice & already in the first couple of days have had immediate and profound results." Nick Fritz, P.T. New Zealand

"Your NIS work is amazing!!!!" Dr. K Braswell, Chiropractor. USA

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