Why is NIS Different?

Comparing the Neurological Integration System (NIS) with other modalities is like comparing apples with pears – they are very different.  It should not be confused with techniques such as AK, TBM, NET, NOT, NMT, SOT, chiropractic, neurology. Read more on this topic from Dr Phillips 

NIS works on the following premise:

The brain knows about ALL normal body function. For the body to be well, the brain must be in control of ALL body’s systems. Unless the brain can acknowledge (not be confused with ‘trained’ or ‘stimulated’) and then resume control of the dysfunction, a patient’s health will never be at its optimum potential.

Differences in the Diagnostic/Assessment phase:

On the face of it NIS may sound similar to other methods. Which is not surprising given that well documented principles of neurophysiology are the backdrop for NIS. NIS uses a muscle test, also common to other methods. It is what NIS is evaluating with the muscle test that is very different. The NIS protocols evaluate the status of the body’s systems as they function as an integrated being. Other methods evaluate only portions or certain facets of function at a time.

Differences in the Corrective/Treatment phase:

Other methods of healthcare involve corrective action on the patients’ body that in itself modulates change. This ranges from tapping reflexes or tapping the spine to stimulating muscles to create/modulate change. With NIS - the brain initiates the correction.

NIS looks at complaints in a  multi-dimension perspective
NIS looks at complaints in a multi-dimension perspective
OTHER MODALITIES looks at complaints from a 
one-dimensional perspective
OTHER MODALITIES looks at complaints from a one-dimensional perspective

Neurological Integration System...

Other modalities...

Treats based on the cause of what the BRAIN thinks
is the problem

Treat based on symptoms and what the PHYSICIAN thinks
is the problem

The physician is a facilitator in getting the BRAIN to
make the change

The PHYSICIAN does something to the
body to effect a change

The brain knows exactly what the causes are and only
the BRAIN can accurately correct it

Can never address the real cause and can
never be 100% accurate

The brain already knows what should be normal function for each patient.  It only needs to acknowledge there is a problem. Then...it can immediately resume control.

This may seem like a paradigm shift in the way we have been trained as practitioners over the years. And it is!

It may also seem too simple for such complex physiology. It is—that is exactly the advantage of NIS.

Through our NIS Seminar Program we teach practitioners how to facilitate the brain to make the correction.

Practitioners learn NIS in 2023

Learn this cutting edge approach to healthcare that is greatly enhancing the health of individuals worldwide.

  • Expand the scope of your practice
  • Reverse chronic health patterns by accessing the aetiological factors
  • Positive and unexpected results
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