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What does NIS treat?

NIS is a systematic means of evaluating ALL the possible underlying CAUSES
for the 'labels' below...

Aging (arthritis / joint degeneration/ osteoporosis)

Allergies (psoriasis/ hayfever/ digestive issues)

Asthma (respiratory complaints affecting both children & adults)

Back & neck pain (structural issues/ sciatica)

Children (reflux/ colic/ ear infections/ asthma)

Chronic fatigue (ME)

Circulation (blood pressure)

Depression (anxiety, stress)

Digestion (irritable bowel/ gluten intolerance)

Learning / behavioural (ADHD/ ADD/ dyslexia/ hyperactivity/ aspergers/ dysphagia)

Men’s health (fertility/ prostrate)

Migraine & headaches

Neurological Injury (trauma)

Skin problems (eczema/ dermatitis/ psoriasis)

Sleep disorders (insomnia/ apnea/ tiredness)

Sports (injuries/ training)

Viruses/ immunity (colds & flu)

Women’s health (fertility/ PMT/ menopause/ pregnancy)

There are over 600,000 possible symptoms that the human body is capable of experiencing, i.e. Allergies, Asthma, Chronic Fatigue, Migraines.  These are just "labels" given to group of symptoms.

Let's take asthma for example...

Asthma is a ‘label’ given to describe inflammation of the airways, causing respiratory difficulty.

Other modalities: Will focus on treating the inflammation usually with medication. But the inflammation is a symptom only.

NIS: Investigates WHY the person is experiencing symptoms of incomplete digestive processing which in turn give rise to poor immune function.

By following the NIS protocols, possible findings could be...

  • Patient 1: Had an issue metabolising proteins, fats, & carbohydrates
  • Patient 2: Had a viral, bacterial, fungal or parasitic pathology present
  • Patient 3: Had an inappropriate recognition of antibody function

It is possible 3 patients with the same ‘labelled’ complaint 'allergies' will have quite different causal factors, therefore the findings will be different.


Practitioners learn NIS in 2020

Learn this cutting edge approach to healthcare that is greatly enhancing the health of individuals worldwide.

  • Expand the scope of your practice
  • Reverse chronic health patterns by accessing the aetiological factors
  • Positive and unexpected results
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Find an NIS Practitioner

We have a global directory of practitioners who use the NIS system in practice and regularly attend seminars to stay up-to-date with current research.

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