Who developed NIS?

Dr. Allan K. Phillips D.O

Dr Dr Allan PhillipsAllan K. Phillips, served as an Osteopathic Physician and health consultant to the Pacific Region for World Health and is the founder of Neurolink® and the developer of the Nerurological Integration System (NIS).

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Neurolink® is a committed leader in investigating and applying the principles of neuroscience to address WHY a patient's neurophysiological function has caused the symptoms of ill health/ pain.

Dr Phillips is also the director of NIS Seminars by Neurolink®, and along with a team of trainers, teaches its methods to other practitioners across Europe, North America, Japan, and Australasia.


"Hawaii in 1989 became the launch pad for the NIS seminar program. I was invited to share my understanding of the neurological/physiological response to treatment using the NIS principles to a small group of doctors in Hawaii. This understanding grew to encompass research relating to learning difficulties in children and its relationship to Down’s Syndrome." read more

Practitioners learn NIS in 2023

Learn this cutting edge approach to healthcare that is greatly enhancing the health of individuals worldwide.

  • Expand the scope of your practice
  • Reverse chronic health patterns by accessing the aetiological factors
  • Positive and unexpected results
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