Healthcare that extends beyond the scope of mainstream medicine.

Based on the principles of neuroscience, Neurolink is committed to developing proprietary healthcare methods for a spectrum of complaints.

NEUROLINK® is the developer of the Neurological Integration System (NIS) – a global training program for practitioners, offering profound benefits to patients throughout the world.



NIS Foundation Seminar

Fully digital online education for health care practitioners

How can NIS help me?

Cellular signalling is BRAIN CONTROLLED. On this basis we have life!

Any disruption to this process is a potential threat to all body systems and our wellbeing.

NIS allows access to both investigate and correct these processes to achieve the best possible human function.

The Science behind the NIS system

For over 30 years Dr Allan Phillips has been researching and developing NIS.

Based on the principles of neuroscience, NIS is based on validated scientific research.

As NIS continues to evolve, look back at some of the research that NIS is built on and read some of our testimonials.

NIS Masters 2021

The importance of determining that what is obvious to the patient, is in fact a priority.

•Defining when to use the appropriate protocols of both Masters 2020 or 2021?•Opening up the hidden gems of masters 2020

•Screens now eliminate the guesswork to verify the involved joint, gland, midline markers, cranial nerve and cortices.

•Dealing with the RNA virus and new pathophysiologies

•Meeting action potential demands to support visual recall abilities.

•Evaluating and treating esotropia, exotropia and hypertropia•Addressing the structural confusion with leg shortening

•Top down as opposed to bottom up science with NIS.

•Mental health - Interpretation, a visitation, a fixation, an explanation - the aetiology?

Practitioners learn NIS in 2021

Learn this cutting edge approach to healthcare that is greatly enhancing the health of individuals worldwide.

  • Expand the scope of your practice
  • Reverse chronic health patterns by accessing the aetiological factors
  • Positive and unexpected results
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Find an NIS Practitioner

We have a global directory of practitioners who use the NIS system in practice and regularly attend seminars to stay up-to-date with current research.

Visit our Directory to find a practitioner local to you.